Chocolate Bars

37% Cacao Content Sugar Free Milk Chocolate

Its sweet taste highlights blends of vanilla, caramel cream and cane sugar

58% Cacao Content Sugar Free Chocolate Bar

This chocolate is full of personality with herbal flavor and citrus touch

this milk chocolate is like no other.

60% Cacao Content Chocolate Bar

This chocolate is a mouth-watering blend of citrus and berry flavors that result in the delectable sensations that characterize Colombian Cacao.

70% Cacao Content Chocolate Bar

along with its delicate blend of cacao and honey undertones that make this a perfect treat for those looking for something not too sweet

85% Cacao Content Dark Chocolate Bar

This chocolate is a beautiful mix of sweet floral undertones

100% Cacao Content Chocolate Bar*

This chocolate is made with the most aromatic and fruity cacao on the planet

lok Foods US  - 2019