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Pistachio, Almonds & Peanuts Superbark

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Cranberries & Pistachio Superbark

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Chocolate Bites

These assorted chocolate package contains Lök 37%, 60%, and 70% bites made of premium fine flavor cacao from the roots of Colombia. They are ideal to share or keep to yourself for a quick snack on the go.

100% Natural Cacao Powder

Lok’s Cacao Powder is 100% natural, sugar-free and has a pure and intense flavor. It is made with select Cacao from Colombia and does not contain any kind of chemicals

Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge Bark

Salty caramel and 70% Lök chocolate is a delicious contradiction for indulgence

Pistachio, Almonds & Peanuts Bark

This bark provides new ways to enjoy this traditional mix on any occasion

Pineapple & Mango Bark

The tropical essence of pineapple and mango exalt and blend perfectly with the 70% chocolate

Cranberries & Pistachio Bark

Cranberries & Pistachio is a unique combination of sweet and savory

Cranberries & Pink Salt Bark

Salt brings out the flavors of this sweet and sour bark combination that we love.

37% Cacao Content Sugar Free Milk Chocolate

Its sweet taste highlights blends of vanilla, caramel cream and cane sugar

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