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Lök Foods is a Colombian company dedicated to develop high-end products related to fine flavor chocolate and premium Colombian coffee among others. We aim to have an excellent product development, outstanding marketing channels and sustainable farming techniques.

We are a helping hand

that improves the lives of farmers and their families.

By choosing cacao as their main way of sustenance they are helping to build a better world for everyone. We assist them on creating a suitable and reliable market for their Cacao crops to be sold. This will protect their way of life while they do what matters the most: Keeping safe the already small Fine of Flavor Cacao worldwide production.

Natural & Healthy

Lök chocolates are kosher, gluten and peanut free. Our ingredients are 100% natural and Non-GMO verified. We do not use any vegetable oil, artificial flavor or additives. we also offer sugar free alternatives.


Peanut Free

Gluten Free


Colombia Origin

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7903 NW. 21 St. Miami FL 33122 USA

+1 (305) 407-8922

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